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Our Senior Pastor

Reverend K.A. Pryce accepted God at a very young age and remained faithful in the church for more than 50 years. He served in every capacity in the local church while obtaining his ministerial license from the religious organization, Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ (COOLJC). Shortly after, he received his ordination as an Ordained Minister. He currently serves with the United Pentecostal Church International (UPCI). In addition, Rev. Pryce holds an Honours Bachelor’s in Theology from the University of Saint Paul (University of Ottawa).

In the spring of 1999, he and his wife answered the tremendous call of God and established City of Refuge Apostolic Church, as Senior Pastor and First Lady, respectively. With his calm, pragmatic demeanor as the pastorate leadership, he expresses the importance of consistency and faithfulness to God to all who call City of Refuge home. Pastor Pryce truly fell in love with the Word of God and enjoys spending time studying as well as teaching it. As a result, he has established that the church be informed to facilitate a full understanding of the Word of God, as personal inquiry of the Word is crucial for one to justly fulfill the will of God.
As he stands for integrity, faith and character, Pastor Pryce continues to preach biblical truth, understanding, and holiness, (without holiness, no man shall see God - Hebrews 12:14). He is always excited to see a new soul accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and observe how the wonderful power of God can positively transform their life.

Pastor K. Pryce is a husband to his beautiful partner and wife of over 30 years who has always stood faithfully by his side. He is also a father to three wonderful sons, Peter, Baruch, and Culver. 
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