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First Time? ~ Here’s What to Expect!
It may be your first-time visiting City of Refuge Apostolic Church (COR) or a church in general. Some questions you might have: Are they friendly? Is there a dress code? What should I do when I get there? How do they worship?
At COR, we acknowledge these potential questions and feelings that surround a first visit to a new place. For this reason, we make every effort to ensure that you experience a welcoming atmosphere through our services. There’s a place for you and your family!
What can I expect when I arrive?
Upon your arrival, you will receive a warm welcome by one of our members, as well as a guest information pamphlet for us to better connect with you. Our service is approximately 2 hours in duration. You will have the opportunity to engage in a time of worship, join one of our Sunday school programs split by age group, and hear the transformational Word of God by our Pastor or Minister.
Can I still attend if I’m…?
Everyone and anyone is welcome to attend. All cultures, ages, and backgrounds are invited to be apart of our assembly. 
How do I dress?
At City of Refuge, you will find people dressed in diverse attire from casual, business casual to formal so wear anything modestly, comfortable or fancy, and you will feel right at home. Come as you are!
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